Cooktop cleaner

  • BiodégradableBiodégradable
  • Safe for septic systemSafe for septic system
  • Made in CanadaMade in Canada
  • Not tested on animalsNot tested on animals

This ready-to-use product makes your oven tray and old burnt pots shine without a trace. You only need a small amount to see the effectiveness of this cleaner. Its gentle formula is also gentle on your skin and heavy jobs. This local purchase will make you proud when you see the results of your cleaning!

  Fiche de données de sécurité

  • Designed to clean, polish and protect your surfaces

  • Does not leave any greasy film

  • Cleans bathtub, sink, oven-top, pans and glued food residue

  • Orange : dissolves dirt and shines surfaces

  • Natural minerals : dissolves dirt and removes stain

Wait until the cooktop gets cool. Shake well, pour the cleaner on a surface and rub. Wipe with a soft cloth.

Keep out of children's reach. Avoid ingestion or contact with eyes. Avoid freezing. 

  • Aqua Water
  • Talc Scouring agent from mineral source
  • Pumice Mineral derived cleaning agent
  • Glycerin Plant derived moisturizing agent
  • C9-11 pareth-6 Synthetic & biodegradable cleaning agent
  • Diethylène monobutyl ether Grain alcohol-technical grade
  • Dimethicone Plant derived wetting agent 
  • Citric acid Plant derived pH adjuster
  • Smectite clay Scouring agent from mineral source
  • Xanthan gum  Plant derived viscosity adjuster
  • Sodium citrate Plant derived pH adjuster
  • Fragrance with essential oils